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The Witcher 3: torrent

The Witcher 3:
The Witcher 3: Trusted uploader

RPG, Open World, Third Face, 3D

Company: CD Projekt RED

Languages: RUS / ENG / MULTI15

Original size: 56 GB

Packaging size: from GB

Filehoster: MultiUpload (10+ hosting, interchangeable

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Game of the Year Edition

+ 16 DLCs + Heart of Kidney Expansion + Blood Expansionliquid

Date of issue: 18 May 2015 ~ 30 August 2016

RPG, Open World, Third Face, 3D

Project: CD Projekt RED

Publisher: CDProject RED

Platform: PC

Engine: REDengine3

Steam User Rating: 97% of user’s reviews are positive(based on 80739 posts)

Interface Language: English,French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

Audio language: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Japanese

Crack: not required, DRM-free by GOG

Minimal requirements:

Operationalsystem: 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows8 ()

Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K / AMDCPU Phenom II X4 940 processor


Video card: Nvidia GPU GeForceGTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870

DirectX: 11

HDD Space: 36 ~ 61 GB – Read below why

Notice! The minimum packet size is only GB, read the Repack Features section.


Witcher:Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open-world role-playing game located in a visually stunning fantastic all-round with meaningful choices and affecting the effects. The Witcher played as a professional monster hunter and Geralt ngRivia meant that finding a childof the prophecy in a wide open world, rich in the cityof merchants, viking pirate island, dangerous mountain passes, and forgot to discover the caves.


Trained from early age and revised Get the skills in the universe strongand reflexes, the witches are an unreliable balance in the world, full of monsters in which they live.

Desperately destroy enemies as a professional monster hunter, armed with a number of weapons that can be upgraded, mutating potions and magic.

Destroy a wide range of exotic monsters of crueltyanimalsthat raise the mountain to convey cunning supernatural predators that conceals the shadows of the people of the nations.

Invest your prizes to upgrade your weapons and buy custom weapons, or to horse racing, card games, fist fightand other fun nights.


Designed for endless adventures, The Witcher’s vast open world sets new standards for size, depth and complexity.

Go through an incredible open world: Get to know the forgotten ruins, caves andshipwrecks, trade withmerchants and dwarves in cities, and pursue open plains, mountains and seas.

Dress the imposed generals, witches and corrupt parents to provide dark and dangerous services.

Make a choice beyond the evil and deal with their major effects. Total War Warhammer II Peaches fast


Take the most important contract to follow up the young prophecies, the key to saving or destroying this world.

In times of war, pursue the child of prophecy, a living weapon of power foretold by ancient elven legends.

Fight against the wildrulers,wild spirits, and be a threat beyond the veil of all ad-direction to the control of this world.

Identify your destiny in a world that can cost you savings.

Perfect Next Generation

Built exclusively for the next-generation hardware, REDengine 3 turnsthe world of The Witcher visually insatiable organic, truly fantastic life.

Dynamic air conditioning systems and day / night cycles influence how citizens of nations and wild monsters move.

Rich in storytelling options, both in large and in subfloors, in thelarge Thisworld open is influenced by players who are not the same as before.

Includes expansion of DLC

Beard and hair set (found on every barber)

Temerian Armor Set (“White Orchard”, Merchant near Wesang Bridge)

Alternative search for Yennefer

New Search Agreement: MissingMiners (Foundof Skellige on a dashboard)

Elite set for the waist

Ballada Heroes Neutral Gwent Card

Nilfgaardian Armor Set (Quartermaster in Crows Perch by the other side master blacksmith)

Quest Fool’s new gold (Found in Lurtch inVelen)

Alternative Look for Triss

The Skellige armor set (Smith,sold in Kaer Trolde)

New Hunting Hunter: Hunting School

New search agreement: Most searched by Skellige

New search where the cat and the wolf play (starts with Oreton, Velen)

Alternative search function

New physical animations

New Games +

Heart of the heart expansion pack

expanding the Bloodof wine


Based on release without scene: GB

Added additional voice packets: GB

All GUI / subtitle translations are left entirely

NOT deleted,NOT coded again

Voiceovers language packs included as a download option – you can combine them with optionsfor games in any text translation

100% lossless MD5 Perfect: All files are identical to the original after installation

Ready-made GOG adjustments, recovered logs (open Registry Fix after installing the game if no records are created for your casesin the registry)

Considerably smaller archive sizes (compressed from 56 GB to GB, depending on language packs)

The installation is: 30 minutes of 8-coreCPU + SSD; ~ 50 minutes on a 4-core CPU + SSD; ~ 1 hour and 10 minutes on a 4-core CPU + HDD; up to 2 hours on a dual core CPU + hard disk drive. Avoid the loadon your hard drive during installation! Turn off a torrent client or similar software.

HDD after installation: 36 ~ 61 GB (depending on selected language packs)

Repack uses the pZlib library via Razor12911

At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc virtual) is required to install thisrecharge

Restore via FitGirl

What’s new compared to the previous recharge?

Packagesize is reduced by 700 MB

The installation time is reduced by about 30-50%, depending on the CPU cores

Added optional voice folders in Brazilian and Japanese


You can skip the downloading of river files or you do not need them.

Here is a list of optional files (you must have downloaded at least one speech pack):

For example, if you want to start the game in Russian user interface / subtitles / Voiceovers – skipall selected files,

but download all the basic files.

Compatibility compatibility

Thisrecharge is slightly backward compatible with my previous Witcher 3 reload due to improved compression.

The following files can only be used from the previous reload:

Problemsduring installation?

Read the troubleshooting guide



Need For Speed Payback CPY Windows 7/8 free download torrent

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Need For Speed Payback CPY Windows 7/8 free download torrent

Need For Speed Payback CPY
Need For Speed Payback CPY Trusted uploader

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A place about fun. 🙂

Fondato 1999, CPY ‘probabilmente il piu’ vecchio group

editionin Italy ancora in attivita. “Ringraziamo DI CUORE tutti

Gli amici Che hanno aiutati in the ennimaniera in questi anni!

Ricordate di supportare le compagnie cinematografiche di

Software that the Scena dev’essere basata sul DIVERTIMENTO. 🙂

Welcome to CODEX, ENCRYPTED – IAT all our friends.




SNIPER ELITE 4 download torrent

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SNIPER ELITE 4 download torrent

SNIPER ELITE 4 Trusted uploader

The game contains the latest updates

The game includes all unlocked DLCs:

Sniper Elite 4 – Winter Expansion Pack for Cold Escape

Sniper Elite 4 – Urban Assault Extreme Pack

Sniper Elite 4 – Deadly Part 2: Infiltration

Slipper Elite 4 – Allied Force Rifle

SniperElite 4 – Expanding night hunter package

Slippery Elite 4 – Deadly Part Part 1: The Beginning

Sniper Elite 4 – Silent Wafer Arms Pack

Sniper Elite 4 – The Secret Hero Pack

Sniper Elite 4 – Goal F

Sniper Elite 4 – Camouflage guns

Sniper Elit 4 – The Seasonal Pass

The gameis in several languages

English Italian German Spanish Polish Portuguese-Brazil

Russian simplified traditional Chinese

You can only install one additional language besides English

(English + French, English + German, English + Italian, .


, burningor installing iso


You have the ability to copy files automatically

Play with the introduction of our Kegnerator

Desktop shortcut commands that we created or you can run manually

the radius of the game:

for the DKS11 game

for the DKS12 game

That is, to enjoy thethe game

If you have not selected an option, you will automatically copy packages

Just copy the contents of STEAMPUNKS to the ISO of the installed ones

Game folder


NEW FUNCTION: You can set up your own Steam Account ID

forOnline games or other purposes

Look for itAccountId = 33068179 hint

33068179 with your new Steam Account ID

Choose Id between 1 and 4294967295

You can also change your name to a multiplayer

Sessions of SE4 dedicated server

Look for the PersonaName = STEAMPUNKS line and replace STEAMPUNKS

with a new name

Keigen to regenerate your license for Denuvo



World Of Final Fantasy Torrent Download

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World Of Final Fantasy Torrent Download

World Of Final Fantasy
World Of Final Fantasy Trusted uploader

CAPTAIN, PERSONALIZATION AND EVOLUTION! Get involved in a magical journey with the Rhine and Lan brothers while exploring the great Greater Greater country to discover your past and preserve the future. With charming and stylish visual elements, players will catch, adjust and willdevelop iconistic creatures by storing them to form sympathetic, but strategic towers of monsters.
The unforgettable legends of FINAL FANTASY come to life in this world of imagination and colors as an epic story suitable for the small heroes who are developing. Key Features:Anov’s twist of classic battles: overcomes the new battle system where players can use captured monsters to create powerful towers of monsters against enemies. Use the size, object, and order of monsters to effectively win the battle.Shoot, customize and develop: strategies for infinite adaptation options, transforming creatures into magic, leveling, and development skills to get new specializations or simply mount them to travel faster in vast landscapesof this charming world of a vertical opportunity: dropping vertically arranged dungeons and using skills of creature and magical effects to overcome obstacles and progress. In this world of lined objects, the sky is really a border. Also included are the following legendary onesbonus creatures: Sefirot plays White Chocobo Shine Mughal Red Bonnetbear Ski Dragoon Kagua Flan Nidogg 2P Seraphie Iris Dark Behemoth Astrae Cobold Mimich Topaz Karbuncle 2P TambaBaltierBoko



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